Tiles XXI

The concept of revitalising tile-making, with all the dignity and nobility which we still recognise, has arisen in Portugal, but has been adapted to the needs of present-day life.

Innovation in Design, diversification of shapes, textures, colours and three-dimensionality are some of the factors which, combined harmoniously, make the difference.

The principal objective is to awaken the senses with different tiles:

    • Sight, by means of sets of colours and diversity of shapes
    • Touch, by means of various textures and reliefs
    • To brighten up natural environments, for comfort and relaxation, whether they are rustic or urban spaces, always with materials of high quality and good taste.

These tiles are hand-painted, working as unique parts of the same family. The difference and the uniqueness of the product cause the tiling to make the space into which it is placed unique and pleasant, leading to an improvement in the quality of life. The different glazes and the innumerable textures that are possible give a formal and optical three-dimensionality.


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