Wall Tiles XXI

It is born with the idea of revitalizing, with all the dignity and noblety, the concept of tiles in Portugal as we always knew, but adapted to the needs of nowadays.
Innovation in design, diversification of shapes, textures, colors and tree dimensionality are some of the factors that, combined in harmony, make the difference.

the main goal is to wake up the senses with different tiles.

The vision through games of color and diversity of shapes;
The feel through textures and varied reliefs;
Natural environments, of comfort and well being, either in rustic or urban spaces, always with quality and good taste.

These tiles are hand painted, working as unique pieces of the same family. the difference and uniqueness of the product try to transform the space where it stands in a unique and pleasurable ambient, aspiring to a better quality of life. The different glazes and textures offer a new dimensionality of forms and optics.

Our tiles are specially conceived for use in interior decoration. Besides the available shapes, we can also produce special and exclusive projects by request. Check out our Portfolio here.